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Three capsules per day provide 100% of the US RDA of Calcium. It offers the balance that the body needs to lose weight safely and permanently, while also maintaining healthy body function and strong bone structure. The soluble liquid gel capsule ensures the body’s best absorption.  

Size: 100 count

Liquid Calcium

  • All sales final.

  • CALCIUM CARBONATE – Helps eliminate muscle pains, cramps, twitches, and tight muscles. Lessens menstrual cramp pain, alleviates blood clotting problems, reduces nervousness and hyperactivity, helps eliminate insomnia, stops bone and teeth demineralization.
    VITAMIN D – Aids in preventing colds, helps in treatment of conjunctivitis, properly utilizes calcium and phosphorous necessary for strong bones.

    Capsule contains gelatin, glycerin, and soybean oil.

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